8_STATE IS INTENDED TO BE A ‘SUPPLEMENT’ to your current workout, only.  These forward-thinking exercises are broken down in detail with key tips along the way to maximize effectiveness.  Once you learn the method, you will never look at ONE REP or CARDIO the same way again.

Get an ‘inside glimpse’ into one of Danny’s private training sessions with several of his CARDIO FLEX™ athletes.  Witness a higher level of fitness instruction, as he breaks down strategic ‘spot-sculpt’ exercises, step-by-step for rapid transformation.  [Calories in/calories out is NOT a strategy.]  8METHODOLOGY™ workouts are based on precision ‘execution’, ONE FLEX AT A TIME™.

” Ladies, it’s not more sets, reps, cardio, dieting, rpm’s yada, yada yo yo-stuff… it’s a smarter rep.  ” _DCONN