GENTLEMEN.  I also was taught that the formula to size, strength, or CUTS was moving heavy weight, more reps, sets, hours of cardio, supplements, protein shakes, etc. IT AIN’T!  THIS MOVE ALONE is my cardio, nutritional plan, ab workout, CARDIO and the ONLY P.E.D. YOU’LL ever need.  If I were training Kobe, Jeter, OR AIKMAN_this RADD, 8METHOD™ PRESSDOWN FLEX would be ONE move I’d prescribe.  TRAINERS:  LEARN HOW TO MAKE THIS ONE A GROWN ASS MAN AB SHREDDER AND TRICEPS BUILDER AND SCULPTOR.  8METH REPS build and cut at the same damn time (because you can)_ONE FLEX AT A TIME™.   ZERO P.E.D.’S, SUPPLEMENTS, DIETING OR CARDIO REQUIRED for THE FIELD G™_ when your BRAIN IS THE ENGINE.  ” LEGENDS AREN’T BORN, THEY ARE MADE_ IN THE GYM, AS THE CROWD SLEEPS. ”  _DCONN