Calling all forward thinking trainers out there.  What makes THE 8METHOD™ PULL UP FLEX SUPERIOR to the common, momentum-based version is how much you can achieve with just ONE REP?  LOOK AROUND_ the common, (caveman-style) pull up is dangerous, ineffective, and just plain dumb.  (When I was in my mid-30’s, my record was 32 reps @SANTA MONICA BEACH, CALI., and was also able to perform 5-6? reps with a 100 lb. d-bell hanging beneath my legs @PRO GYM in Brentwood back in those days.  I think I weighed around 216 lbs., with 4% body fat at the time.  That’s stupid.  EVERY REP MATTERS™ IS HOW THE FIELD GENERAL ROLLS.  It’s time to reverse your thinking… it’s NOT MORE SETS, REPS, WEIGHT_ it’s LESS!  ” SHORT CUTS ARE FOR POSERS. ” _DCONN