8METHODOLOGY™ FITNESS COURSES have been created to take a trainer’s current skill-set to the next level (from novice to the MOST-ELITE).  It’s time to 8METHODIZE the personal training experience with a higher level of instruction and application.  The 8METHOD™ techniques taught are advanced and not currently taught in personal training ‘certifications’ today.  Danny breaks down 8 foundational moves, step by step, one rep at a time through demonstration and innovative instruction.  The [8M] TRAINER COURSE ONE is a MASTER CLASS, redefining the fundamentals of modern movement.  DISCOVER HOW LESS IS MORE by implementing key principles, as you LEARN to take more momentum out and bringing more brain power in.  [LESS WEIGHT, LESS REPS, LESS SETS, LESS TIME = exponential benefits (once the METHOD is mastered!)  You’ll never look at one rep the same way again.   The 8METHOD™ principles are so sound_ they work on everyone.  WELCOME TO HIGHER EDUCATION, FITNESS MASTERY.